Science Teacher Fed Puppy To Snapping Turtle While Students Watched

A Biology teacher in Preston, Idaho is under investigation after allegedly feeding a puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students.

The teacher, Robert Crosland reportedly fed the puppy in front of three of his students after school at Preston Junior High. He was reported by an animal rights activist to police after news of the incident spread around town. One of the students remarked that the puppy was terminally ill.

This was not the first time Crosland had fed animals in front of students. Other students have reported that he would feed live guinea pigs to snakes. It is unclear whether Crosland fed the puppy live to the snapping turtle.

The news of Crosland’s behavior has spread online and a petition has been made to have Preston School District remove him from his teaching post. Crosland has reportedly taken a leave of absence from teaching, but has not come forward to comment about the allegations made against him.

Authorities have said that the snapping turtle belonged to an invasive species which requires a permit in Idaho. The reptile was confiscated on Tuesday and euthanized on Wednesday by Idaho officials.

The incident is under investigation and authorities have yet to find out what Crosland’s motivations were.

Local veterinarians have also spoken out about the issue saying that even if the puppy was terminally ill, Crosland had no authority to feed the animal to the snapping turtle. The situation could have been handled in a more humane manner if Crosland brought the puppy to a veterinary clinic.

If charged and convicted of animal cruelty, Crosland will face a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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