U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Now at 150,000

Coronavirus Testing in Miami
150,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus.

The United States has recorded 150,000 coronavirus deaths as of Wednesday, reports said.

The grim milestone includes 33,000 people who have died in New York, nearly 16,000 in New Jersey, and more than 8,700 in California.

According to Johns Hopkins University, The U.S. has nearly 4.4 million coronavirus cases. Of the number, 1.4 million patients have recovered after treatment.

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard says that the U.S. case fatality rate, which tallies deaths per 100 confirmed cases, stands at 3.4%.  The U.K., Belgium and Mexico have 15.2%, 14.8%, and 11.1%, respectively it’s 

This places America roughly equal to Brazil’s death rate of 3.6%. It has reported around 89,000 deaths.