U.S. Reaches Milestone Of 100 Million COVID-19 Vaccinations

Covid Vaccines

The United  States has reached a milestone administering more than 100 million shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. These doses are anti-COVID vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer which require two doses.

More than 10.5% of Americans or 35 million have completed the double dose vaccinations, with almost 20% or 66 million with single shots. Also, almost one-third of Americans 65 years and older have already been vaccinated.

The vaccination schedule is also on track with President Biden’s promise to deliver 100 million vaccinations within his first 100 days in office. The vaccination rollout has quickened to an average of 2 million doses per day.

A faster rate of vaccination is necessary not just to meet the targets but also to prevent any backlogs in the supply chain. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require low temperatures and would spoil if not administered in a short time. 

Pfizer and Moderna promised a combined 600 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccines, good for 300 million people. They have already delivered one-third of their orders, and are on track to deliver a total of 400 million doses by the end of May.

The Biden administration has also purchased another 100 million anti-COVID vaccines from Johnson & Johnson. Unlike the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is single dose and does not require very low temperatures for storage. By the end of the summer, the country would have purchased enough vaccines for the entire population, with an excess for another 172 million people. 

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