The Most Unexpected Thing Ever Happened At This Beach, And It’s Restored My Faith In Humanity

It was just another sunny day in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil, when the most crazy and unexpected thing ever happened: a pod of over thirty dolphins were spotted rapidly advancing towards the beach.

Upon realising what was going on, one quick thinking beach-goer pulled out his phone and started recording. It’s difficult to say why the dolphins were swimming so close to the shore, but if they kept getting closer to the sandy beach they would be in a world of trouble.

But that’s exactly what happened. The dolphins got closer and closer and became beached and were helpless to let themselves loose back into the open water.

Luckily, beach-goers were quick to react and came to their rescue. This video shows these wonderful people coming to the dolphins’ aid, and ultimately, saving their lives.

What’s remarkable is how the dolphins seemed to recognise that they were being helped, and stopped struggling as they were pulled back to sea.

Scenes like this where humans help animals are so heartwarming to see – every one of those people involved should receive a big thank you for what they did to save all those beautiful creatures.