Vet Explains Why You Should Never Flush Your Dog Or Cat’s Poop Down The Toilet

Heads up, pet parents! A vet is sounding the alarm about a common but risky habit—flushing your furry friend’s poop down the toilet.

As responsible pet owners, it’s a given that we scoop up after our pets. It’s not just about manners; no one wants an unpleasant surprise on their shoe! But what you do with that scooped poop? Well, that’s where things get a bit murky.

Many might not think twice about tossing it into the toilet, but a veterinary surgeon on TikTok,, is urging us to reconsider this practice.

In a recent TikTok, he sparked a conversation by asking pet owners if they’ve ever flushed their pet’s waste. Turns out, quite a few have. “Why is this not more advised? I’ve been doing it for a year or more. Since having one cat and then adding another and now a dog,” one viewer admitted. Another shared, “Done it a million times while my puppy was potty training.”

Others echoed the sentiment, expressing surprise and concern, “This needs to be more publicised I’m sure a lot of pet owners aren’t aware,” and “I have done with my puppy. I defo won’t be now. Thanks for the info. Needs to be more well known.”

Even lifelong pet owners were shocked, “I’ve had dogs and cats my entire life, I’m actually traumatised about the number of people saying this is a regular routine,” commented another.

According to, flushing pet poop can pose serious health risks. He points out that pet waste can contain toxocara, a resilient worm parasite that survives the wastewater treatment process.

“Did you know that you are not supposed to flush your dog or cat’s poo down the toilet?” he highlights in his post, citing an article from Anglian Water that strongly advises against it.

The danger, he explains, comes from toxocara’s zoonotic nature—it can transfer to humans, particularly endangering children. “The reason toxocara is a worry is because it’s zoonotic, we can pick it up and children are particularly susceptible,” he notes.

Another concern is toxoplasmosis, an infection that, while typically mild, can be severe for those with compromised immune systems or for pregnant women, potentially causing significant health issues or impacting fetal development, according to the NHS.

Toxocara doesn’t just stop at mild infection; it can impact cognitive development and IQ in children, another frightening possibility that underscores the importance of handling pet waste correctly.

While these health risks are rare, prevention is key. Ben advises regular deworming of pets and, importantly, proper disposal of their waste—definitely not in the toilet!

If you’ve been flushing your pet’s poop, it might be time to rethink your approach and opt for safer, more sanitary alternatives. Let’s keep our families and our furry friends safe!

According to Anglian water, you shouldnt flush your pet’s poo down the toilet! Have you ever done this?? #LearnOnTikTok #toilet #vegetarian #dogsoftiktok