Shocking Video Shows Chinese Worker Rubbing Shoes On Masks Bound For Export

The world is currently facing a shortage of face masks, with no country being able to produce or acquire enough to meet demand. Healthcare workers and the general public alike need these masks for safety, and despite statements from a few questionable pundits, the overwhelming evidence shows that masks are proven to help protect against Coronavirus infection.

Recently, as a supposed act of generosity, China has been “gifting” supplies to European countries and the US (even though they are actually selling them). But frustratingly, medical experts are stating that many of the test kits, face masks, and other medical supplies they are currently receiving from China are in fact defective.

And now to make matters worse, a video has recently been uploaded to Twitter which shows a Chinese factory worker rubbing his shoes on a batch of surgical face masks that were allegedly due to be shipped abroad. The man in the video can be seen laughing as he grabs the masks and rubs them against his shoe, confirming with his colleague if they are going to be shipped abroad.

The video was first posted on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. The uploader says the factory this happened is located in the Jiangsu province city of Zhenjiang. In the video, the worker can be heard asking the cameraman “Is this good enough? Are these the masks for export?”

Watch the video below: