Virgo Man Traits and What They’re Like In Love

A Virgo man is a special breed and he will bring out the best in you. If you can appreciate all of his qualities, he will be loyal and loving partner. While it may take a little extra effort to make your relationship with him work, he will be worth it, because you will have a partner who understands you and is committed to making you happy.

Virgo man traits

Virgo men have a strong sense of duty and responsibility that often translates into them being great providers for their families. They also tend to be analytical, pragmatic, and detail-oriented, making them great problem solvers.

In relationships, Virgos can be a little reserved but once they let their guard down they can be very loving partners who are always willing to listen to your feelings and are intensely loyal to the ones that they love. Laid back is definitely not a word in his vocabulary as he tends to be very serious and somewhat of a perfectionist.

A Virgo man can sometimes come across as aloof and reserved, but that is only because he sees everything with a logical and practical eye before deciding how he feels about it. He tends to analyze everything in his life – including relationships – and this makes him seem quite detached emotionally at times. This trait also makes him a very honest partner who will always tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. Although this trait can sometimes come across as cold, Virgo men are really just very practical and logical individuals who have trouble putting their feelings into words. His ability to be so rational also makes him possess an incredible talent for solving problems that come up in a relationship.

He operates by his own set of rules and can be quite dead-set and stubborn about things that he believes in. Virgo men value tradition and security and often times become very attached to their traditions. He usually wants to just keep things simple and he is not one that enjoys drama or complicated emotional situations. Virgo men are honest, logical, practical, loyal partners who enjoy keeping everything about their lives nice and organized.

Virgo men in relationships

In relationships, the Virgo man is a very logical and practical individual who enjoys maintaining balance in his life. He doesn’t like drama or complicated emotional situations and he hates lies and secrets. Anything that threatens his sense of security will upset him greatly but since he is so logical, he usually doesn’t hold onto things for long periods of time before he gets over it.

The Virgo man is the ultimate perfectionist – he loves to analyze details and he hates mistakes of any kind. This makes him a very picky partner who will not hesitate to point out your flaws if you are not living up to his expectations. He also hates being criticized for little things, so be careful about the things you say around him because he has a tendency to be overly critical when he feels that his trust is being betrayed.

A Virgo man in love enjoys giving gifts and making his partner happy. He also does not like to cause any sort of discomfort in relationships so if there are problems, rest assured that he will try very hard to resolve them. He tends to be very protective of the ones that he loves – even more so than other signs in the zodiac – which makes him an awesome partner especially if you are feeling insecure about yourself.

The Virgo man has a lot of love to give but it can take time for him to let go of his guard and open himself up to you completely. Give him some time and don’t rush things and your patience will be rewarded with a loyal and devoted partner who is willing to give the relationship his very best shot.

The Virgo man avoids emotional situations as much as he can so if there are problems between you two, try talking about them in a calm way – otherwise it is very likely that you will not get through to him. Keep in mind that it takes a lot for the Virgo man to let you know when he is upset or scared, so listen closely to his words and his actions if you want to find out what’s really going on inside of him.

What to expect from a Virgo man in love

Virgos are loyal and reliable people who like to give their whole heart into a relationship. When they do fall in love, you can expect them to be faithful and committed. Some Virgos are not always the most affectionate people, but they do take their relationship very seriously. You can expect them to be very devoted once you are in a committed relationship with them.

It can take a bit of time for a Virgo man to express their feelings. They will not fall head over heels in love with you and tell you things they don’t actually mean. Be patient with them and wait until the words come out of their own accord.

Once they do decide to share their feelings, they can really pour out the feels and shower you with love and affection.

Dating a Virgo man

If you are looking for someone who can sweep you off your feet, this is not the right type of guy for you. A Virgo man will not be very romantic on the first few dates, but that does not mean they don’t care about you or that they don’t have feelings.

They are usually very busy people who take their jobs and career seriously. They will not want to put work aside for a simple date, but they’ll make the time to see you if they really like you.

A Virgo man can be insecure about his loved one meeting new people because he likes the idea of having exclusive claim on his partner. He may not be very open to meeting your friends or going out with a group.

Don’t take their insecurities personally if they don’t want you to meet people from their past because it’s just something they need time to get used to.

What attracts Virgo men

Virgos are very good at observing people, which means they will be able to pick up on your behavior in an instant. They can tell when you are being fake or when you are not yourself. If he asks you how you feel about something and you lie about it, he will know immediately.

If a Virgo man thinks you are not completely honest, he will close up and stop sharing his feelings with you. They like to be around people who are genuine and open about their thoughts.

The best way to get a Virgo man interested in you is by being confident but not cocky. Virgos like women who know what they want in life and how they would like to get it. They respect women who know what they want and don’t change their opinions based on a man’s point of view.

They also tend to be attracted to smart, creative people who are good at communicating their ideas in an understandable way. If you can make them laugh or if you can impress them with your skills, they will be interested in you.

Virgos like their partners to be supportive of them and they need someone who is willing to look past the small mistakes they make. They love it when people see their best qualities and appreciate them for who they are.

Virgos are also drawn to people who respect themselves and they will appreciate girls who know how to carry themselves well. He will be impressed if your behavior is classy and down-to-earth at the same time.

What Virgo men don’t like

A Virgo man likes a partner who is not too emotional and who does not need them to take care of everything. They hate people who do the same things over and over again without trying anything new. While they can seem uninterested or aloof at times, it’s only because they are taking in everything around them.

They don’t shy away from strong, independent women who can take care of themselves. People who act helpless and needy will only bring out the worst in a Virgo man. He wants to feel needed by his loved one but he also gives you space when you need it most.

Signs that a Virgo man has feelings for you

When a Virgo man starts to develop feelings for you, he will become vulnerable. He will let his walls down and show you the real him without having to hide anything. You can expect him to say sweet things and be very affectionate around you.

Once they do fall in love with you, they will never want to lose you because they know they have found someone who is very rare to find. For Virgos, the love they give you is all consuming and it will stay with them forever.

Here are the top 5 signs a Virgo man has feelings for you:

1. He will be affectionate towards you.

2. He will want to take care of all your needs and he’ll plan romantic gestures for you because he wants to make you happy.

3. He’ll do all the work so that both of you can spend more time together.

4. He’ll start sharing his feelings with you without being afraid of vulnerability.

5. He will be very protective about you and he won’t want anyone else to come near you.

What a Virgo man is like in bed

Virgos are quite practical and down to earth and this translates quite well sexually! They will be up for experimenting and their natural curiosity, attention to detail and perfectionist nature will mean they will tend to your needs the way you want it. In short, expect anything but a boring sex life with a Virgo man.

Famous Virgo men

  • Tom Hardy
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Jungkook
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  • Sean Connery