Watch Angry Grandpa’s Emotional Reaction When His Son Surprises Him With A New Home

Charles Green, the man known as the hard-talking Angry Grandpa from the popular YouTube show, may be tough as nails, but it looks like he is more of a softie than he’s been letting on.

His son Michael and Michael’s girlfriend Bridgette had a plan. “We’ve been taking my dad house hunting with us under the pretenses that he’s looking for a house for me and Bridgette. The only problem is, he’s been looking for his own house,” Michael says.

In the video, Charles checks out the new house, pointing out features that he likes in each room. “Michael, I like this. This is nice,” he declares.

After the grand tour, Michael comes clean. “I’ve got something to confess. We’re not searching for a house for us. We are searching for a house for you. This is yours,” Michael says, handing Charles the key.

“No, no, Michael. I don’t deserve this,” Charles says in disbelief. “Yeah, you do,” his son says.

Eventually, it all sinks in, and Angry Grandpa is overcome with emotion.

“I love you, son. I love you so much,” the older man sobs.

Watch the emotional moment below:

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