25 Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos for Women

Watercolor tattoos are striking and vivid, bringing to life (and attention) any design you choose to have inked on your body. Choosing a design that reflects your personality or means something to you can be confusing, so here are some of our favorite watercolor tattoo options to consider.

1. Dreamcatcher Watercolor Tattoo

Deciding to get a dreamcatcher tattoo is a serious commitment. This can be a large tattoo that covers the entire shoulder or back. The watercolor design shows an intricate relationship between nature and spirituality. The dreamcatcher is believed to capture all bad dreams and keep them away from those sleeping under its protective shade.

2. Hummingbird Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo is feminine and colorful with its beautifully detailed feathers. The Hummingbird watercolor tattoo is vibrant and represents a girl who has a free spirit. It is a tattoo that can be well placed on the shoulder to draw attention as it swings with every movement.

3. Swallow Watercolor Tattoo

A Swallow watercolor tattoo stands out in the crowd because of its beauty, grace, and elegance. A woman with this ink design has a sense of style and is never afraid to walk to the beat of her drum. Swallows symbolize freedom and are also associated with death and rebirth.

4. Sunflower Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo will show off your love of art while also helping you express yourself. Women love this tattoo because it reminds them of the joy that nature brings to their life. The sunflower design can be proudly shown off to everyone. It is more than just simple lines inked on the skin. It’s something done with care, patience, and artistry that deserves appreciation. This tattoo can be placed on the upper arm, shoulder blade, lower back, and thigh.

5. Phoenix Watercolor Tattoo

The Phoenix is a bold and fierce symbol of power and immortality. It is a tattoo that represents the ability to rise from the ashes and go on living. Just like how the Phoenix dies, burns away, and rises again, women are all capable of pushing through obstacles in life despite having moments of weakness. This gorgeous piece of body art can be placed on the back, thigh, hip, shoulder, or arm.

6. Compass Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo is as versatile as the women who wear it. It’s a great design for someone who isn’t sure what they want to get inked but knows they want something with meaning and significance. The compass works well because it brings about thoughts of travel, adventure, imagination, and discovery.

7. Rose Watercolor Tattoo

A rose watercolor tattoo symbolizes a woman’s inner beauty, kindness, and gentleness. The tattoo is best placed on the wrist or foot, while a classic red rose tattoo design with more details is perfect for getting inked on your arm, shoulder, or lower back. You can use a watercolor design as an ankle or foot tattoo.

8. Elephant Watercolor Tattoo

The elephant tattoo is an elegant design that represents strength, wisdom, and compassion. It works well for someone who is a free spirit but also wants to show off their femininity at the same time. You can get this piece of body art anywhere, like the upper arm, leg, or foot.

9. Owl Watercolor Tattoo

The owl tattoo is a sophisticated design that symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, and order. A person who chooses this design loves to read and analyze everything before making decisions. An excellent place for it is the thigh area, but other good spots include the back, shoulder blade, and upper arm.

10. Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo

The butterfly is a popular design that symbolizes change, resurrection, and life. It’s the perfect ink work for women who are or want to be in touch with their feminine side. This colorful design can be placed on the ankle and upper back but can also be done on any part of your body.

11. Lotus Watercolor Tattoo

The lotus watercolor tattoo is a delicate design that symbolizes purity and rebirth. Girls who are tired of being judged for their decisions or believe in the power of forgiveness will be drawn to this elegant piece of body art. The watercolor tattoo can be placed on the ankle, shoulder blade, upper arm, or thigh.

12. Feather Watercolor Tattoo

watercolor feather side tattoo

A feather tattoo symbolizes truth, freedom, and love. It can also represent someone’s journey in life as it floats through the air. For more colorful designs, a peacock feather is sure to stand out! You can choose a feather from any type of bird for your design.

13. Dragonfly Watercolor Tattoo

A dragonfly represents freedom, spirit, and hope. If you are looking for wings as a tattoo design, the dragonfly is the best choice for you because it symbolizes protection from painful situations or evil spirits. This colorful design is perfect for placement on the upper back.

14. Tree Watercolor Tattoo

The tree is a symbol of a person who believes in the power of growth and change. The design represents long life, peace, and rebirth. If you are looking for ink work that will show off your zest for life and your appreciation for nature, the tree is an excellent watercolor tattoo design to explore.

15. Cat Watercolor Tattoo

The cat is a popular design that symbolizes loyalty, love, and protection. These animals can be very loving, making them the perfect choice for someone who wishes to get a feminine watercolor tattoo. It looks impressive on the back or upper arm.

16. Mermaid Watercolor Tattoo

The mermaid tattoo is a popular design that represents freedom, change, and escape. A girl who chooses this design wants to fight her own battles and live life on her terms. This watercolor tattoo looks great on the shoulder blade or upper arm.

17. Heart Watercolor Tattoo

A heart tattoo symbolizes love, life, and affection. It can represent love for family, a romantic partner, or just being in love with life. A woman who chooses this design is also saying she has so much love to give. This watercolor tattoo looks great on the ankle or upper arm.

18. Lion Watercolor Tattoo

The lion represents strength, pride, and courage. This fierce tattoo epitomizes a woman’s determination and drive to succeed. It is an excellent design for a watercolor tattoo because it will show how strong you are. You can place this ink work anywhere, like the ankle, upper back, or thigh.

19. Wolf Watercolor Tattoo

The wolf symbolizes strength, freedom, and independence. A woman who gets herself inked with a wolf design is out to carve her destiny. She is a strong woman with the heart and soul of an alpha. This tattoo design can be done on the ankle, shoulder blade, or upper arm area.

20. Dandelion Watercolor Tattoo

A dandelion symbolizes hope, freedom, and joy. It also represents nature’s beauty and the endless possibilities of life. If you want a tattoo that will show off your free spirit, have this lovely flower inked in watercolor for more vibrance. It can be placed on the ankle, shoulder blade, or upper arm area.

21. Constellation Watercolor Tattoo

Get a constellation tattoo if you want to get a tattoo that will remind you of the power of believing in yourself. It symbolizes hope, inspiration, and courage. Girls waiting for a better day and thinking that everything will fall into place eventually should get this watercolor tattoo.

22. Paw Print Watercolor Tattoo

The paw print symbolizes loyalty and kinship. A watercolor tattoo that features paw prints is perfect for someone who loves her animal friends or has a pet she would give her life to protect. A girl who chooses this design wants her loved ones to know that she would do anything for them.

23. Origami Watercolor Tattoo

Origami pieces symbolize peace, beauty, and harmony. These intricate Japanese artworks look amazing in watercolor. Paper cranes, flowers, and stars look breathtaking in a watercolor tattoo design. The best part of this ink work is that it can be placed anywhere, from the shoulder blade to the thigh.

24. Lightning Bolt Watercolor Tattoo

A lightning bolt symbolizes speed, power, and strength. If you are looking for something fast to get inked on your upper arm, this is a good idea. It signifies the woman’s high energy full-color mentality, signifying her love of life and adventure. A charged energy tattoo can be electrifying.

25. Calm Seas Watercolor Tattoo

Calm seas symbolize peace, hope, and faith. This tattoo represents nature’s beauty and the endless possibilities of life. It reminds us of the beach, tropical islands, and sailing on the open water. This watercolor tattoo calls back memories of happy days with a chill attitude devoid of work-related stress. The watercolors amplify the feeling of happiness in a relaxed environment.


Do watercolor tattoos quickly fade?

Watercolor tattoos are made of multilayered shaded colors simulating real watercolor on paper. Some shades are thinner than others. Although watercolor inks look brighter, they do not have traditional tattoos’ bold strokes and dark ink. The general opinion is that the lighter inks may fade faster. However, it is best to have the tattoos retouched within six months after it is first applied.

Experts suggest that there should be a distinct black outline to the tattoo that can be used as the base when reconstructing or touching up the watercolor tattoo.

Are watercolor tattoos more painful than traditional tattoos?

Watercolor tattoos take longer to ink and use a more comprehensive array of colors. However, since less ink is used in some portions of the image, the tattoo should be less painful overall.