25 Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Women

Watercolor tattoos are some of the most elegant tattoos out there. Soft and subtle yet very colorful, these beautiful ink designs almost seem to glow on the skin. The shades and hues of the tattoos are so delicate that they look like a painting done on the body. The best thing about watercolor tattoos is that you can get them in just about any design and shape.

The watercolor tattoos are a current trend so if you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion and ink style then this is just the right choice for you. They’re mostly done in shades of blue and pink but they can also be done in various other color combinations such as violet and turquoise or blue and yellow. You can even experiment by using green, pink and orange to come up with a custom tattoo design that’s sure to turn heads.

These watercolor tattoos are perfect for women because they fit well in most body parts, from the chest down to the feet. They’re great for girls who want feminine ink designs that showcase their softer side.

1. Dreamcatcher Watercolor Tattoo

The dreamcatcher is a classic Native American tattoo design that’s been popularized by various celebrities and music artists. It’s a trendy choice for women and it symbolizes protection and good fortune. The dreamcatcher tattoo can be done in a watercolor style with soft blue, pink and green shades for a pretty design that looks like it’s straight out of your childhood storybook. The dreamcatcher is believed to capture all bad dreams and keep them away from those sleeping under its protective shade.

2. Hummingbird Watercolor Tattoo

The hummingbird is another popular animal tattoo that’s also beautifully done in a watercolor style. It’s a feminine tattoo design with soft shades of blue and neon green. The hummingbird is considered one of the most gentle creatures in nature so it’s an ideal tattoo for women who want to showcase their innocent side. If you’re into tattoos that highlight your femininity then look no further because this bird will show off your grace and beauty like no other ink design can.

3. Swallow Watercolor Tattoo

A Swallow watercolor tattoo stands out in the crowd because of its beauty, grace, and elegance. A woman with this ink design has a sense of style and is never afraid to walk to the beat of her drum. Swallows symbolize freedom and are also associated with death and rebirth.

4. Sunflower Watercolor Tattoo

The sunflower is a popular flower tattoo that’s also done in a watercolor style. The hues are all vibrant and bright for an eye-popping design that adds color to your body art collection. Sunflowers are associated with positivity, light and energy so if you’re looking for a tattoo that reflects these traits then the sunflower is definitely a good choice.

5. Phoenix Watercolor Tattoo

The phoenix is a powerful bird that’s connected with the flames of transformation and rebirth. It symbolizes rising from the ashes after a dark period in your life so if you’re going through a difficult time, this could be just the tattoo design for you. The phoenix can be depicted in various tattoo styles but the watercolor technique definitely adds a soft touch to its fiery presence. The phoenix is also associated with being an omen of good things to come so it’s also perfect for girls who are looking for tattoos that reflect their bright outlook on life.

6. Compass Watercolor Tattoo

The compass is a tattoo that symbolizes guidance and direction in life. It’s one of the most meaningful tattoos out there so it’s definitely a good choice for you if you want something with deep meaning. The compass can be depicted in various styles such as black and gray or color but the watercolor technique makes this design look like an actual piece of art that you can wear on your body. It’s a great tattoo idea for girls who want to showcase their adventurous spirit and love of travel.

7. Rose Watercolor Tattoo

A rose flower is one of the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women. A rose watercolor tattoo symbolizes a woman’s inner beauty, kindness, and gentleness. The rose is also the official flower of love so it’s perfect for girls looking to ink a design that symbolizes romance.

8. Elephant Watercolor Tattoo

The elephant symbolizes various traits such as loyalty, wisdom, grace and strength. It’s a deep tattoo design that can be depicted in many different styles but the watercolor technique is very effective in showing off its beautiful features. The elephant is also an omen of good luck so it’s perfect for girls who want to showcase their positive outlook on life. If you’re looking for something that feels more spiritual, consider a mandala elephant design.

9. Owl Watercolor Tattoo

The owl tattoo is a sophisticated design that symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, and order. A person who chooses this design loves to read and analyze everything before making decisions. Owls are also associated with sorcery and wisdom in mythology so if you’re into this theme, then an owl tattoo might be a good choice for you.

10. Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo

The butterfly is a popular tattoo idea that represents transformation, freedom, and beauty. Butterflies are said to carry the souls of the dead so they make for intense tattoo designs if you’re looking for something with deep meaning. This watercolor design shows off how stunning butterflies can look when inked in this style.

11. Lotus Watercolor Tattoo

The lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, the sun, and pureness of spirit. Buddhist monks often use the lotus flower to represent self-realization so if you want something that has ties to Buddhism, then consider having this tattoo designed on your body. The watercolor style is soft and delicate and perfect for this tattoo design.

12. Feather Watercolor Tattoo

The feather symbolizes truth, wisdom, and harmony. Native Americans used feathers to signify various traits of individuals so this is another great tattoo idea for girls who want something that’s rich in symbolism. The watercolor style helps create a soft and flowing appearance that’s perfect for this design.

13. Dragonfly Watercolor Tattoo

A dragonfly represents freedom, spirit, and hope. If you are looking for wings as a tattoo design, the dragonfly is the best choice for you because it symbolizes protection from painful situations or evil spirits. This colorful design is perfect for placement on the upper back.

14. Tree Watercolor Tattoo

The tree is a symbol of a person who believes in the power of growth and change. The design represents long life, peace, and rebirth. If you are looking for ink work that will show off your zest for life and your appreciation for nature, the tree is an excellent watercolor tattoo design to explore.

15. Cat Watercolor Tattoo

The cat is a popular design that symbolizes loyalty, love, and protection. These animals can be very loving, making them the perfect choice for someone who wishes to get a feminine watercolor tattoo. The cat has ties in mythology that link them to magic so if you’re into this idea, then consider having a cat design added to your body.

16. Mermaid Watercolor Tattoo

The mermaid is another common tattoo idea that symbolizes femininity, love, and the ocean. The watercolor style creates a dreamy design that has an ethereal quality to it. A girl who chooses this design wants to fight her own battles and live life on her terms.

17. Heart Watercolor Tattoo

A heart tattoo symbolizes love, life, and affection. It can represent love for family, a romantic partner, or just being in love with life. It’s a simple but very cute design that’s is universally appealing.

18. Lion Watercolor Tattoo

The lion represents strength, pride, and courage. This fierce tattoo epitomizes a woman’s determination and drive to succeed. For a more feminine appearance, you can have the lion designed as part of a set with other animals such as birds or butterflies. This tattoo design has ties to various mythologies so if you want something that’s rich in symbolism, then consider having it added on your body.

19. Wolf Watercolor Tattoo

The wolf symbolizes strength, freedom, and independence. A woman who gets herself inked with a wolf design is out to carve her destiny. She is a strong woman with the heart and soul of an alpha.

20. Dandelion Watercolor Tattoo

The dandelion is a versatile flower that can look both cute and sophisticated. It’s a symbol of new beginnings so it represents hope, positivity, and friendliness. It also represents nature’s beauty and the endless possibilities of life. If you want a tattoo that will show off your free spirit, have this lovely flower inked in watercolor for more vibrance.

21. Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

The galaxy is another popular design that’s well-loved by many. These designs are created using various shapes and colors which help create stunning galactic swirls. This technique is perfect for showcasing your love of stars and other objects in the sky so if you want something that feels very personal, consider having a galaxy tattoo inked on your skin.

22. Paw Print Watercolor Tattoo

The paw print symbolizes loyalty and kinship. A watercolor tattoo that features paw prints is perfect for someone who loves her animal friends or has a pet she would give her life to protect.

23. Origami Watercolor Tattoo

Origami pieces symbolize peace, beauty, and harmony. These intricate Japanese artworks look amazing in watercolor. Paper cranes, flowers, and stars look breathtaking in a watercolor tattoo design.

24. Minimalist Watercolor Tattoo

A minimalist tattoo design is perfect for those who want a watercolor tattoo that’s simple but classy. These tattoos feature a limited number of colors and simple designs that are perfect for showcasing delicate floral elements or other ornamental patterns. If you want something feminine and classy, then consider having this tattoo inked on your body.

25. Sea Watercolor Tattoo

Calm seas symbolize peace, hope, and faith. This tattoo represents nature’s beauty and the endless possibilities of life. It reminds us of the beach, tropical islands, and sailing on the open water. This watercolor tattoo calls back memories of happy days with a chill attitude devoid of work-related stress. The watercolors amplify the feeling of happiness in a relaxed environment.


Do watercolor tattoos quickly fade?

Watercolor tattoos are made of multilayered shaded colors simulating real watercolor on paper. Some shades are thinner than others. Although watercolor inks look brighter, they do not have traditional tattoos’ bold strokes and dark ink. The general opinion is that the lighter inks may fade faster. However, it is best to have the tattoos retouched within six months after it is first applied.

Experts suggest that there should be a distinct black outline to the tattoo that can be used as the base when reconstructing or touching up the watercolor tattoo.

Are watercolor tattoos more painful than traditional tattoos?

Watercolor tattoos take longer to ink and use a more comprehensive array of colors. However, since less ink is used in some portions of the image, the tattoo should be less painful overall.

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