This Woman Is Recreating Ridiculous Celeb Instagram Pictures As A Normal Person

Comedian Celeste Barber is taking some of the most popular celebrity photos and recreating them as a normal person. The results aren’t just hilarious — they show just how “real” photos shared by the rich and famous are.

Celeste started the #CelesteChallengeAccepted project to prove that images like this, the most liked photo on Instagram posted by Kendall Jenner, are completely unrealistic.

“Some celebrities on Instagram seem to think we non-rich, privileged people are idiots and believe what they’re posting is real,” said Celeste.

“I wanted to try to show how ridiculous it would be for a ‘normal’ person to recreate some of these photos.”

She takes on Kim Kardashian.

And this oh-so-casual out-and-about shot of J.Lo.

“I get a lot of really positive feedback,” added Celeste, “like, ‘thanks for making me not feel so shit about myself.'”

Celeste even attempted this gravity-defying pose posted by Serena Williams.

And she’s showing the reality behind all those idyllic snap of celebrities with their kids.

As well as tackling the downright bizarre (or, “self-indulgent” as it’s more commonly known). We’re looking at you, Bieber.

Making shaving your pits look sexy? Nice try, Rihanna.

Who doesn’t relax in this comfortable pose after a hard day of work?

Lady Gaga’s quirky underwear shot enjoyed a Celeste makeover.

As did this Victoria’s Secret model casually posing with her Christmas decorations.

Celeste shows Kylie Jenner what relaxing actually looks like.

Is that car moving, Jessica Simpson?!

You can see more of Celeste’s hilarious photos on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Thanks to Celeste, no one took celebrity Instagram snaps seriously anymore and they all lived happily ever after.

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