22 Weird Pictures Where We Have No Idea What’s Going On

Weird photos aren’t exactly a rarity online. But sometimes, you come across pics that are so bizarre you can’t help but laugh. Here are 22 of our favorites:

1. Doggie sitting alone at bar with glass of white

2. Man poses in front of flipped car holding sewing machine

3. Man holding seemingly drunk chimp as it pukes

4. Three tigers sharing a hot tub

5. World’s largest pile of chairs

6. Tiger imposter taken away on stretcher as real tiger looks on

7. Man covered in cactus

8. Pony patiently waits indoor for drunk owner laying on floor

9. Arab sheiks conduct business while watched over by costumed guards

10. Man reclines with seductive pose while mounted by chickens

11. Mother and child guard bathroom with alien dog


12. Man literally covered in bread slices taunts seagulls

13. Couple affectionately staring at dogs anus

14. Distraught cat stares into abyss while showered by human owner

15. Sloth eagerly awaits education while seated in classroom


16. Man becomes tree

17. Man takes family photo with dog and doll

18. Man shares slice of bread with buffalo

19. Woman with extreme makeup stares into camera

20. Old lady tows husband straddled on childs rocking horse


21. Fox waits in line at ATM to withdraw cash


22. Rainbow painted man escapes earthly realm through toilet portal