Just 18 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

#1. “So tell me about yourself.”


#2. Who’s been talking shit about the bard?

#3. There’s always someone having a worse day than you.

#4. This little guy is living the high life.

#5. This is the most perfect faceswap we’ve ever seen.

#6. Try to contain your excitement, ladies.


#7. There’s literally no way out of this cruel trap.


#8. There are some things you should really be sure of.

#9. Thanks, Mary. Sort of.

#10. Thanks Liam. Oh.


#11. This guy’s project was so right but so, so wrong.

#12. When you run out of Post-It notes but you’re creative AF (and have a stocked fridge).

#13. The world’s most terrifying greetings card.

#14. This dog walker who got overly attached.

#15. This teen who’s a stickler for the rules.


#16. Nothing beats a dad struggling with technology.


#17. Run out of excuses to shake someone off? Try this truly inspired one.


#18. Yes! Oh no, nevermind.

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