13-Year-Old Asks Her Mom For Help Finding Tampons In A Store, Epic Text Exchange Ensues

Blogger Belinda Hankins, was simply helping her 13-year-old daughter trying to find sanitary products in a grocery store, and the most epic text exchange ever ensued.

She gave detailed instructions on where the tampons can be located, but the supplies her daughter hunted were nowhere to be found.


Her daughter tried looking — almost everywhere.


And, finally, she found them. But they sure as heck weren’t anywhere obvious.


The teen was super shocked that the store didn’t label the area for sanitary products, and she wasn’t afraid to verbalize it.


Their hilarious, patriarchy-bashing, pro-periods exchange is going viral (and plenty of people can relate to the sanitary product hunt).


Be afraid. The Vagina Zone is coming to a store near you.

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