Winter Wine Glasses

The holiday season is here and if you are in need of a cute Christmas display, we have got you covered. These Winter Wine Glasses will hold your candles while acting kind of like a little snow globe / Christmas diorama.

The best part is you can probably find everything you need at a dollar store so it won’t even be an expensive project!

Materials Needed:

  • Wine glasses
  • Cardboard
  • Small plastic trees, figures or ornaments
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fake snow
  • Candles


Place your wine glass upside down on the cardboard and trace around the rim. Cut out the circle. Glue your plastic figures to the cardboard.

Add some fake snow into the wine glass. Put hot glue around the rim of the wine glass, then flip your cardboard onto it so the figures are inside the glass.

Let the glue dry and then flip it over. The snow will cover the cardboard and you will have a beautiful candle holder!