Woman Praised For Refusing To Swap First Class Plane Seat With Child

A woman is garnering applause across social media after she chose not to give up her first-class seat to a child on a plane.

The topic of seat swapping on flights, especially for kids, has sparked a fiery online discourse, drawing lines in the sand.

A TikToker is currently trending for her bold decision, sharing a clip where she stands her ground and refuses to switch seats with a child.

Her choice has surprisingly won her a lot of support.

One commenter vents: “People need to PLAN AHEAD. Stop making your lack of planning everyone else’s problem.”

Another speculates: “I wonder if some families actually on purpose buy the cheapest tickets, to plan to ask someone for their seat ‘I got kids, please move’.”

“Unless they upgrade me to first class I’m not moving,” asserts a third. “I paid for that seat, you should have planned your trip better.”

This is not the first time children on planes have stirred up controversy.

A TikToker recently shared his experience during a 29-hour flight featuring a non-stop crying baby.

He humorously concluded his video with: “Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10.”

The video sparked calls for child-free flights, with one individual commenting: “I don’t pay for a flight to listen to kids screaming.”

“Honestly there should be kid-free flights and kid flights,” another suggests.

Now, a woman’s video has reignited the debate about whether or not it’s appropriate to swap seats on a plane for a child.

Dr Sabra – known on TikTok as @lifewithdrsabra – recently faced a request to move from her coveted 1A seat to accommodate a child.

The 1A seat, at the front of the plane, is highly sought after.

Her video caption read: “POV: Flight agent asks me if I want to give up my 1A seat so a child sits with their family.”

The video’s background audio is a quote from the movie The Reading, saying: “Girl, f*** them kids, and f*** you too.”

Sabra explains that the child in question was actually a teenager, not a young child.

“That’s a no from me dawg, would you have given up your seat? Also, they ended up finding a solution so no, I am not a terrible human being. Also, the child was like 13,” she shares.

In her comments, Sabra clarifies: “To clarify, the gate agent asked me, I asked to see the seat map, I didn’t like the alternative. They were kind and found a solution right away.

“The family never addressed me. I think it was even the airline’s rule, not them asking to sit together.”

In her defense, many voiced their agreement, with one TikToker saying: “Nope, cause as a mom, it’s a parent’s responsibility to plan ahead. Just travelled to Europe for 1.5 months with my toddler and no one had to move.”

Accompanied by clapping hands, another person praises: “You did the right thing!”

Sabra tells BuzzFeed that she did ponder the switch, but the alternative was less appealing.

“It was still first class but all the way in the back.

“I kindly said that I’d rather keep the seat I selected and she didn’t insist. They went ahead and found another resolution pretty quickly.”


That’s a no from me dawg 🤣 would you have given up your seat? Also they ended up finding a solution so no, i am not a terrible human being. Also the child was like 13.

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