Woman Who Was Kicked Out Of Store Over Her Shorts Says She Was Bullied For Being ‘Too Hot’

A woman who was reportedly asked to leave a store because her shorts were deemed too short has clapped back at her detractors, claiming she’s being targeted for being “too hot.”

It’s a common courtesy to refrain from commenting on others’ clothing choices.

Yet, many venues maintain specific dress codes regarding what is deemed appropriate attire.

Recently, one woman’s ultra-short shorts sparked a fiery discussion online.

She argues that the backlash is due to her being “too hot,” while others on social media suggest there’s more to the story…

Kerolay Chaves, hailing from Brazil, voiced her frustrations on Instagram about the negative reaction her outfit received.

“I just returned from the supermarket where I faced harassment for my ‘too short clothes,'” she shared on the platform, translating her words from Portuguese to English.

“Some gave me judgmental looks, others hurled insults, and eventually, I was kicked out.

“Can you believe it? It’s ridiculous that we women are still subjected to this treatment simply because of our choice in clothing. The truth is, they target us because we are too hot.”

Chaves also posted a photo of the controversial outfit – notably, a pair of denim shorts that resembled more of an undergarment.

Unfortunately for Chaves, the majority seemed to agree with the store’s decision and took issue with her choice of attire.

“There’s no need to wear that to a supermarket,” one user commented. “You’re making the decent folks there uncomfortable, especially those with kids.”

Another quipped, “Looks like what happens to a shirtless man might’ve just happened to you.”

Moreover, some questioned the authenticity of her claim.

“This is clearly for social media engagement and likes. She didn’t actually go to the supermarket dressed like that. Those who follow her stories would know. Sorry, but this won’t earn you support,” one skeptic noted.

Another remarked, “Stop exploiting serious issues for social media traction. It’s not discrimination; you’re just out of touch.”

A third commented, “She even managed to snap a photo before getting kicked out…”

And yet another sleuth added, “There’s clothing in the cart… it’s unlikely she entered the store like that… perhaps she covered up only to remove it for the photos… I doubt she was kicked out at all, especially since the store appears empty.

“She probably picked a deserted spot, took the pictures, and then posted them with a provocative caption just to stir up engagement.”