This Mom Was Horrified When Cops Arrested Her 16-Month-Old Baby For Shoplifting, But Things Aren’t What They Seem

A woman known only as Vikki got a serious shock when she discovered that a young girl, Madison, assumedly a relative, was arrested for shoplifting — despite being just 16 months old.

The person sending the messages, Lauren, explains that she and Madison were in a supermarket when the toddler grabbed a candy bar from a shelf and was caught on CCTV by shop owners, who called the police.


Lauren also sent across some photos of little Madison in her car seat, complete with pacifier, in the back of a police car.


Understandably, Vikki freaked out.

“That’s disgusting!” she replied, “Look at her poor head. How can they arrest a f**king baby?”


Only briefly pausing to wonder how on earth police officers could question a 16-month-old baby, Vikki asks if Lauren went in the police car with Madison.

At which point the truth is revealed.


“We broke down,” laughs the sender, “And they dropped us off at home. How can you believe me?!”

The post has received thousands of likes and shares on Facebook, with many commenting that it had inspired them to cause mischief with their own kids.

Excellent pranking work, Lauren. Although you might never be left alone with Madison again…