Homeless Woman Confronts Burglar, Returns £1,000 Of Stolen Goods To Shop

A homeless woman who stopped a burglar in his tracks and returned over £1,000 ($1,446) worth of stolen goods to the raided shop is being hailed a hero and swamped with donations.

Lottie Pauling-Chamberlain, who lives on the streets with her dog, Marley, is a regular visitor to cosmetic shop Lush in Oxford UK.

Daily Mail

As she knows all the staff, when she spotted an unfamiliar man leaving the shop very early in the morning she immediately confronted him with a growling Marley.

The man was so alarmed that he dumped the stolen laptop and products and fled.

To the amazement of the staff, Lottie arrived the next day to return all of the stolen items.

Daily Mail

The shop gave Lottie a huge hamper full of food and treats for Marley, but decided to go even further and start a fundraiser to help Lottie find a home.

The GoFundMe campaign has already received over £6,000 ($8,679) in donations, which will go towards a piece of land for a caravan for Lottie and hopefully support other homeless people in the area, too.

“Thank you all so much. Literally I’m just overwhelmed,” wrote Lottie, “I had to open my first Facebook account to write this.”

“Thanks for the support so far. I would love to hear from you as would Marley,” she said, before adding, “Hope the sun shines on all your faces.”

You can donate to this brave lady’s fundraiser at GoFundMe.