Big Bully Picks A Fight With Smaller Kid, Instantly Regrets It

Footage has emerged online of a bully receiving some instant karma after trying to take on a much smaller boy — and getting floored instantly.

A group of boys, believed to be from the Netherlands, are walking along a street before the bully starts shoving and kicking his, much smaller, intended victim.


But the victim isn’t having it — his first swipe prompts laughter from the gang of bullies, but his second punch knocks his attacker to the ground.

The victim runs for it and the gang turn their phones on the bully, laughing at him for decisively losing a fight he started.


Understandably, most viewers took the side of the would-be bullying victim, for showing the bigger guy exactly why you shouldn’t pick on someone for their size.

You can watch the full video below.

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