13 Signs You Were A Cat In Your Past Life

#1. You enjoy activities that require little to no human interaction.


You strongly associate house parties with intense feelings of dread. Never mind that these strangers might actually be really cool people. The only sexy time you want happening tonight is between your mouth and a bag of treats, in front of a tv monitor within the safety of your apartment.

#2. You are selectively social.


Being a cross-breed of introvert and extrovert tendencies, you have the unique ability to shapeshift from loner to life of the party. You socialize on your own terms, and only when you feel like it.

#3. You wait for someone else to make the first move.


When meeting new people, you wait until they offer a hand or a smile before you reciprocate. You prefer establishing friendships organically, so you try not to force yourself on them right away.

#4. You take a while to warm to people.


While you can be friendly to anyone, people have to earn your trust before you let your guard down. If you haven’t shared a life-or-death moment with someone, you never truly consider them part of your posse.

#5. You wear a resting b*itch face 24/7.


If only you had a dollar for every time someone told you to smile more. You can’t help it if rays of sunlight don’t leak through your pores.

#6. You are emotionally unpredictable.


Mostly due to your chronic RBF, people tend to think you’re always annoyed at something. So whenever you crack a joke or smile at them out of the blue, they get really confused. No one is ever sure whether you like them or not.

#7. You don’t often show affection, but when you do, you let it out in deluge-style proportions.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have the emotional range of a teaspoon. Your loved ones can attest to your big, fat heart hidden under that stoic demeanor. Whenever you get that urge to cuddle with someone, it’s impossible get you off.

#8. You only ever do things when you feel like it.


Peer pressure? Emotional blackmail? Threatening emails from bosses? They can’t control you. You control you. People can rely on you being able to deliver what you’re supposed to, without the unnecessary frills.

#9. You are extremely particular with “space”.


When people get too close too fast, you automatically activate your force shield made of invisible porcupine needles and deep-seated trust issues.

#10. You avoid confrontation at all costs.


Although you may be temperamental, you’re never one to take an offensive stance. You can’t really relate to the term “cat fight” because all you ever do is ignore the person; there’s never any clawing or hissing involved.

#11. You are frustratingly fickle-minded.


This is especially true when food is involved.

#12. You love being with friends as much as you enjoy alone time.


Your friends complain when you disappear for days without talking to them. While you have tons of fun having beers with your best gal pals, being a social recluse (albeit temporary) is also something that you just need.

#13. You count sleeping as one of your favorite hobbies.


While your peers look forward to the weekend for its parties, booze, and make-out sessions, the only thing you want to do on top of your bed is go into REM sleep. If it doesn’t involve you staying in the supine position while frolicking with Tom Hardy in dreamland, it’s not for you. In fact, you’re barely awake for 5 hours straight, in between all the cat naps and the 12-hour sleep marathons you tirelessly run during those glorious two days.