You’ll Be Moved To Tears When You Learn Why This Firefighter Is Mowing The Lawn

When these firefighters in Baystown, Texas responded to a call from a woman whose husband was suffering a heart attack, they wasted no time in taking him to the hospital. But what started out as another routine rescue turned into something much more special and heartwarming.

After reviving 65-year-old John McCormick, who had a history of heart trouble, and taking him to the hospital, the men of Station 4 decided their job wasn’t done and returned back to the home. There, they picked up where McCormick had left off.

A neighbor took this photo of Blake Steffenauer finishing the job.


They also left this note expressing their sympathy and offering any further help McCormick’s wife might need.


Unfortunately, McCormick passed away in the hospital, but this simple act of kindness made it so his wife at least didn’t have to worry about coming home to an unfinished lawn causing her more sadness as a vivid reminder.

Hear more from the amazing men of Station 4, including how they fought over who would get to be the one to finish the lawn, in this video: