Here’s Why You Should Be Selfish Once In A While

#1. You’ll have more time for those you love.


You can only give so much of yourself to people so being a little selfish actually benefits your closest family and friends. When you’re selfish about where and to whom your time and energy goes, those important people in your life get the best of you. If you try to help everyone who asks, you stretch yourself thin, which is exhausting and counterproductive.

#2. You’ll be a good role model.


You have the opportunity to be someone’s super hero and here’s why. If you have kids or other people who look up to you, they watch every move you make. When you demonstrate that a little bit of selfishness reflects self-care, they too will find that in themselves. Their lives become easier because they stand up for themselves in life and don’t constantly self-sacrifice. The definition of a role model is someone worth imitating.

#3. You’ll spread joy.


Some selfishness allows you to practice self-love which allows you to give more to others. You’re stronger in a crisis and spread a positive vibe wherever you go. If you’re loving life because you take care of yourself, you are an inspiration to those around you by example. You may just be as inspiring as the orphaned girl Pollyanna who changed a whole town’s mentality with her unwavering positivity.

#4. You’ll be healthier emotionally.


Unfortunately, there will always be people who try and walk all over you in life. If you don’t speak up because you don’t want to cause a problem or hurt anyone’s feelings, you’re the one left hurting. Be selfish and take more care of your feelings than those of the person who’s stepping all over you.

#5. You’ll do better in life.


If you have a dream in life, be selfish and go for it. Sometimes life circumstances do genuinely get in the way. But if you’re putting off studying or pursuing a passion because of an inconvenience or a little hardship to someone else, it’s likely you’ll just end up resenting that person. When you follow your passions and achieve great things, those very people will be applauding you.

#6. You’ll better fulfil your commitments.


There are times when you feel obligated to attend a birthday party, volunteer for an event or bake cookies for a good cause. But if you say yes to everything, you’ll start to stew and grow weary. It’s better to say ‘no’ sometimes and have less on your plate. That way you’ll be 100% invested for the things you do decide to commit to.

#7. You’ll help those around you grow.


Speaking your thoughts and feelings do have the potential to hurt other people’s feelings. As selfish as it may seem, it’s important to tell people what’s on your mind. Brutal honesty can be hard for some but it’s better than sugar coating things. Nobody ever grows when you tell them they’re perfect.

#8. You’ll stop being an enabler.


Being selfish means you don’t take other people’s problems on. To a degree, you can be there for someone but taking on their problems won’t solve them. If you sacrifice yourself for someone, they may end up leaning on you without making changes in their life. It may seem selfish to step away from someone who hurts themselves but in the long run, you’ll be doing them a favor.

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