10 Toddler-Friendly YouTube Channels That Mommies Need To Know

Parents with little tots know that raising kids doesn’t solely involve keeping them away from danger and making them eat their vegetables. In fact, one of the most frustrating things about taking care of tiny humans is trying to figure out how the heck to entertain them.

Sure, finding kid-friendly videos on YouTube is a breeze. Just typing in carefully chosen keywords, like “swing dancing,” can give your child a swing dancing tutorial. But with literally millions of videos to choose from, how do parents filter the good from the bad?

To make life easier for mommies and daddies everywhere, we’ve decided to compile a list of 10 toddler-friendly YouTube channels that you and your little poop machines will love:

#1. Laurie Berkner

If your kids are into fun, educational songs, then Laurie Berkner’s music videos are the perfect tunes to keep them company. With topics ranging from dinosaurs, elevators, days of the week, to more meaningful subjects like compassion and the joy of giving… Laurie’s enjoyable melodies and touching lyrics will have the entire family singing along.

#2. The Wiggles

The Wiggles is an Australian music group that shot to fame on local Australian TV. They’ve already developed an international following, thanks to their popular YouTube channels. Their videos are fun and colorful, while at the same time teaching social lessons in a way small children can understand.

Your children will be able to learn colors, traffic signs, hygiene, how to deal with fear… not your typical abc’s, for sure. There is also lots of singing and dancing involved, which means that your kids can get their aerobic workout for the day. Even parents can join in the fun, too!

#3. HooplaKidz


Another popular channel for nursery rhymes is HooplaKidz. Their music videos are wonderfully animated and interactive, making them perfect for capturing your kids’ attention while helping build their vocabulary and enhance their memory. With classic favorites like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to more modern songs like Baby Shark and Johny Johny Yes Papa, HooplaKidz will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end.

#4. Simple Kids Crafts

Do your kids love making things with their hands? Well, Simple Kids Crafts offers lots of new and exciting ways for them to channel their artsy side. Crafts are such a fun way to teach creativity and resourcefulness to your kids. Plus, you get to spend time with them and even get a souvenir from it!

#5. School House Rock Kids


Before Google and YouTube, young kids from previous generations only had good ol’ Saturday morning cartoons to keep them company. Now, kids can watch their parents’ favorite Schoolhouse Rock songs like Conjunction Junction and I’m Just a Bill. What makes Schoolhouse Rock special is that they show mild and warm-hearted songs about grammar, math, history, and science that are almost universally fun and smart. Their videos even make memorizing important parts of American history (like the preamble) so much easier!

#6. Big Red Hat Kids

Big Red Hat Kids is a channel wherein kids are comprised of three shows: The Traveling Trio, where children travel around the world to countries like Croatia, Hungary, and Poland. Oliart teaches kids to draw and make arts and crafts project like hats, mittens, and even vinyl dishes. Meanwhile, Discovery Twins is all about science and presents videos like “How Do We Smell?” What better way for kids to learn than from other kids?

#7. Seven Awesome Kids


Seven Awesome Kids is a YouTube channel created by kids, for kids. As the name suggests, the content is put together by seven talented children, all from different parts of the world. The videos follow the kids as they talk and go about their day, vlog-style, giving your children a glimpse into the daily lives of other boys and girls around the world.

While it may not necessarily be educational, it’s a joy to watch these kids unleash their imagination and have fun in the process.

#8. Houston Zoo

If there’s one thing that kids of all ages love, it’s animals. The Houston Zoo YouTube channel features all sorts of cool, educational videos about lemurs, tigers, giraffes, and just about any animal you can think of! Your kids can watch these gentle creatures go about their day while learning a thing or two about nature and how to take care of living things.

#9. AllTube4Kids

This YouTube channel is a fun place where kids pull silly (and sometimes elaborate) pranks on each other. One running prank is of a “killer” clown scaring the children… but don’t worry, their dad manages the channel, which means their videos are nothing but loads of good, clean fun. Kids love watching other kids doing fun stuff, so we’re more than sure that you and your little ones will keep coming back to watch these hilarious and enjoyable videos.

#10. Baby Einstein

Some love it, some hate it, but most (if not all) parents swear by the dynamite babysitting powers of Baby Einstein videos. For a time, these videos (intended for babies and toddlers under four years) dominated households everywhere. Baby Einstein videos introduce little kids to simple patterns, puppet shows, animals, and toys, and are often accompanied by reorchestrated classical music written by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and many more. The melodies are relaxing for babies to hear, and the animations get their undivided attention… magically transforming cranky kids into behaved little angels.