25 Stunning Angel Wing Tattoos For Men

Angels are celestial beings often associated with innocence. They’re thought to guide humankind through hardship and strife. For these reasons, angel wings tattoos are popular among men. Check out our post on Angel Tattoos for more angel designs without an emphasis on the wings.

1. Angel Wings Chest Tattoo

For most men, large and more elaborate tattoo designs are a better choice. That’s why chest tattoos are a favorite. The chest area provides artists more space to use, so you can add more elements and symbols to your tattoo. The best part about this is that you can cover up your tattoo or show it off when you want to. 

2. Angel Wings Back Tattoo

Angel wings tattoos are best displayed prominently at the back. But when getting this piece, keep in mind that sometimes, all you need is traditional black ink to make an impact. Angel wings look more realistic when done in a single shade. So if you’re thinking of getting an elaborate piece, get an angel wings back tattoo.

3. Angel Wings Shoulder Tattoo

Wing tattoos on the shoulder can become a topper for a sleeve tattoo. Because of the placement, a shoulder angel wing tattoo offers a unique method to symbolize the message of flying away from something. It’s an excellent tattoo choice for men looking to express their freedom. 

4. Angel Wings Arm Tattoo

Among the most popular placements for angel wing tattoos are the arms. With the right design you can make your arms look like wings. It helps to have some muscle too.

5. Behind the Ear Angel Wings Tattoo

One of the best places for meaningful and subtle angel wing tattoos is behind the ear. It gives men the option to show off their ink while being discreet. Keep in mind that since the area behind the ear is small, designs get downsized. So don’t expect too many details. 

6. Angel Wings Small Tattoo

Impactful, gorgeous, and worthwhile tattoos don’t need to be extensive, elaborate, or detailed. Even small angel wing tattoos can make a remarkable statement. Small angel wing tattoos can be inked anywhere on your body. This piece is perfect for cool guys looking for a laid-back yet meaningful design.

7. Angel Wings Forearm Tattoo

The forearm lends itself well to narrow and long designs, making it the preferred spot for an angel wing piece. 

8. Angel Wings Wrist Tattoo

For guys who want smaller and subtle tattoos, consider getting a wrist angel wings tattoo. It’s a great location for a simple design.

9. Angel Wings Neck Tattoo 

Neck tattoos rank amongst the most visible areas of the body to tattoo, and angel wings look great in this area. Just make sure you are fully commited before you go ahead with any neck tattoo. If you are, then it’s an excellent area to show off a piece that truly means a lot to you.

10. Full Back Angel Wings Tattoo

If you’re looking to go all out with the tattoo, get a full-back angel wings tattoo. There’s no better spot for it. Angel wings are associated with hope, purity, and freedom. So if you resonate with any of these traits, recreate it in a more realistic and large-scale way. But keep in mind that a full back tattoo begins just below your neck down to the lower back. It’s perfect for adventurous and cool guys who want to get a fabulous and meaningful piece. 

11. Angel Wings Religious Tattoo

As angel wing tattoos connote heavenly beings, it’s best to incorporate religious symbology into the piece if you wish to drive the point home. A popular choice for men is adding warrior angel elements. These often come in the form of intimidating and large wings that manifest all the power of these heavenly beings. For example, St. Michael the Archangel is popular among men since he’s usually depicted brandishing a mighty sword. But if that’s not your thing, you can also choose to honor a loved one as a guardian angel. 

12. Angel and Demon Wings Tattoo

An angel and demon tattoo is a popular choice among men. That’s because the piece often depicts the battle between good and evil. For this reason, many associate the design with the wearer’s internal struggles. But when angel and demon wings are both inked, you can interpret this as the wearer contemplating light and darkness. Either way, this tattoo design can have a more personal interpretation of the wearer’s positive and negative qualities. Overall, this tattoo showcases the wearer’s need to find balance. 

13. Angel Wings Name Tattoo

Combining a particular name or initial and angel wings is a popular choice among men. That’s because it’s a piece that they can make unique to them. An angel wings name tattoo is often used to celebrate your loved ones or honor the deceased. Angels are believed to be sent from God to watch over all of humankind. They can help and guide everyone. When a person passes, it is believed that they can take on this role from heaven. For these reasons, this tattoo has become a popular choice for men who want to remember those they treasure the most. You can have your ink be as complicated or as simple you want. But regardless of what you select, an angel wings name tattoo is one of the most meaningful pieces you can get.  

14. Angel Wings Heart Tattoo

Men who value the freedom of sharing their love and affection with others should consider getting an angel wings heart tattoo. That’s because each symbol is associated with love and freedom. When you combine them, it takes on a deeper meaning — free will and choice. For these reasons, an angel wings heart tattoo has become popular among younger gents looking to honor their significant others. 

15. Angel Wings Baby Tattoo

Getting an angel wings baby tattoo is an excellent choice for first-time dads or those who already have kids. After all, the thought of innocence and purity usually comes to mind when seeing this piece. Children are often linked to goodness and virtue, making it a fantastic option for cool guys looking to immortalize their children through body art. If you want to get a tattoo reminding you of the most important little people in your life, this design is just what you need. 

16. Fallen Angel Wings Tattoo

An apparent opposite to a baby with angel wings is the fallen angel wings tattoo. Designs for this can be interpreted literally, showing a fallen angel who was banished and lost their way. That’s because the symbol is typically associated with a loss of innocence. For this reason, this tattoo design is a perfect choice for men trying to regain what they lost. Or, for guys who have experienced a horrible past and are now conflicted about what they believe. Either way, fallen angel wings tattoos are pieces rich in symbolism and are often complex. 

17. Colored Angel Wings Tattoo

Although black inked tattoos are popular among ink lovers, colored tattoos are here to stay. That’s because adding color to different designs can completely change their appearance and meaning. So if you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your angel wings tattoo, adding your favorite hues is an excellent way to do just that. 

18. Angel Wings Halo Tattoo

Angel wings halo tattoos are often associated with the loss of loved ones. That’s because the idea is that when a person dies, they go to heaven and will continue watching over and protecting their loved ones above. For this reason, an angel wings halo tattoo is an excellent piece for men who want to honor someone they lost. The design can be as simple as angel wings with a halo. But you can make the tattoo more special by adding dates and initials of your fallen loved one. Since this tattoo design is one of the most meaningful and moving tributes you can get, it’s best placed in areas you can see. These include the forearm or the wrist. 

19. Angel Wings Cross Tattoo

Angel wings cross tattoos are often chosen by men who want to showcase their beliefs and their faith. Angels are holy beings signifying purity and goodness, and the cross is a sacred symbol of Christianity. Combining these two iconic symbols make for a bold, stunning, and meaningful design.

20. Angel Wings Pet Tattoo

Adopting a pet is a joyful experience until you experience the grief of losing one. Luckily, you can immortalize your pets by having an angel wings tattoo with their name or paw print. So if you’re looking to commemorate your beloved pet, dedicate the piece to them. 

21. Angel Wings Rose Tattoo

An interesting addition to an angel wings tattoo comes in the form of a rose. Despite being lovely to look at, the thorns of a rose can cause harm. So an angel wings rose tattoo can represent the balance between beauty and pain.

22. Angel Wings Realistic 3D Tattoo

If you want to impress and dazzle, consider a 3d tattoo that incorporates optical illusions into the design.  

23. Tribal Angel Wings Tattoo

The tribal tattoo concept boasts a distinct style. But it’s one of the most popular design choices. Tribes initially inked these pieces to protect warriors or depict social status. In more contemporary designs, it should come with different symbols and elements. Tribal angel wing tattoos are perfect for young women thanks to their cool appearance and deep meaning. 

24. Modern Angel Wings Tattoo

If you prefer symmetric tattoos, then a modern angel wings tattoo should be an excellent choice. That’s because it abandons realism, adopting a stylized way of composition. Modern pieces require more complex techniques to make each feather of the tattoo have been placed by hand. 

25. Light and Dark Angel Wings Tattoo

If you’re looking to express your inner battle between evil and good, consider adding a unique flair to the tattoo. You can do this by shading half of your tattoo darker than the other half. It’s an excellent design choice for cool guys wanting to show off both their sides to the world.

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Should Angel Wings Be Up or Down?

Angel wing tattoos can be done whichever way you want. But keep in mind that they’ll have different meanings when done up or down. Fully outstretched and upward angel wings represent freedom and faith. Meanwhile, folded-down angel wings are used as tributes, representing mourning. The shape of an angel wing tattoo is determined by the placement. So, downward angel wings are usually best for the shoulder and arms. On the other hand, angel wings facing upward looks best on the chest.

Where To Put An Angel Wing Tattoo?

Angel wings are versatile tattoo motifs. You can place smaller designs on your fingers or behind the ear. Larger angel wing tattoos look best on the chest or back. 

What Do Angel Wing Tattoos Symbolize?

Angel wing tattoos have many interpretations, like freedom and faith. Meanwhile, some people consider angel wings as a tribute to loved ones who have passed away. Either way, angel wing tattoos have different meanings for different wearers. 

How Long Does an Angel Wing Tattoo Take to Finish?

For intricate angel wing tattoos, the process can take more than several days to finish. But for smaller tattoos, the session will only last several hours. 

What’s the Best Placement for Angel Wing Tattoos?

Angel wings are versatile tattoo motifs, meaning you can place them anywhere you want. You can place smaller designs on your finger or behind the ear. Meanwhile, large angel wing tattoos look best on broad areas like the chest or back. 

What Do Angel Wings Tattoo Mean?

Angel wing tattoos can hold several meanings, like freedom and faith. For some people, angel wings can be a tribute to a deceased loved one, deeming them as guardian angels. Meanwhile, for others, angel wings can represent the Christian faith.

What Do Black Angel Wings Mean?

Angels with black wings represent fallen angels. As a tattoo, black angel wings can also represent mourning. It can symbolize the wearer’s loss. 

Which Angel Has Golden Wings?

Although no angels are described to have wings in the Bible, many consider them to have wings. In Artistic tradition, archangel Gabriel is shown to have golden wings.