35 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women (2021)

Tattoos for women are like accessories which follow trends and fashions. For 2021, tattoo ideas for women are more diverse, and more are associated with a theme or meaning. Modern women have tattoos to commemorate, or to celebrate. They have a concept in mind, first, that they want to convey or remember, before they have a tattoo. For women, a tattoo is for life, like a memory that they want to keep.

These are samples of meaningful tattoos that are trendy in 2021. For most of these ideas, the trends and fashion would last as long into the coming years.

1. Small Tattoos

Would you like a tiny ink that you will keep pretty personal? Consider getting a small tattoo which takes a quick 10 to 20 minutes to complete depending on the style you choose. They are often done with simple designs, though you can also choose to make it colorful and cute.

2. Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos are perfect ink designs if you want to literally express what you feel. It can show love, promise or peace with simple hand signs inked on your special spot. Ideally, they look great when done in simple hand outlines, but you can also opt to make them more detailed and bold. 

3. Dragon Tattoo

For a powerful ink statement, choose something that does not only look fierce. It should also symbolize fearlessness, protection and wisdom – choose a dragon tattoo. Dragons are revered creatures across cultures and you will find them as a common character in various mythologies. They are respected and feared characters. Before deciding to get a tattoo, you can draw inspiration from these representations so that your ink will resonate deeply with you. 

4. Butterfly Tattoo

One of the most popular choices for women’s tattoo ideas are butterfly tattoos. They have been around for decades and the trend does not even cool down. There is a certain timelessness about butterfly tattoos for women, and it is a versatile choice for a unique piece of art. It is a delicate and beautiful insect that is associated with hope, resilience, love and transformation. Likewise, there is a certain femininity about this element, thus it is a common ink inspiration for women.

5. Lion or Lioness Tattoo

Many women choose tattoo ideas that have traits they can associate with. The lion and lioness tattoo is a powerful choice and it represents bravery, courage, royalty and wisdom. This predator is the ruler of the animal kingdom and it is a beautiful element for a tattoo. You may choose to have it inked in a realistic style or combine it with other elements like flowers or trees for a unique finish. 

6. Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are majestic creatures. They are associated with prosperity and power. These animals are considered as gentle giants and are known for powerful memories. Experts claim that elephants never forgets, thus an elephant tattoo is a symbol of wisdom. The head of an elephant herd is always a female, and it is a great way to celebrate your feminine power and leadership. You can have a large intricate elephant tattoo or something that is cute and simple. 

7. Snake Tattoo

Snakes are associated with various things – both positive and negative. Some consider them to be evil creatures, but other cultures see them as mythical and powerful beings. For the Japanese, a snake tattoo may represent prosperity, protection and strength. On the other hand, Native American view the rattlesnake with great importance. Some people also believe that snake tattoos are linked with transformation, rebirth, danger or fertility. 

8. Scorpion Tattoo

For an edgier tattoo design choice, getting a scorpion tattoo is an excellent choice. It is a powerful design that showcases strength, danger and intimidation. Scorpions are dangerous and some of them are deadly, thus an ink design featuring them also serves as a warning. This tattoo is not a common choice for women, but you can always opt for it if you relate well with what it symbolizes. 

9. Wolf Tattoo

For a tattoo idea that clearly represents loyalty and love, nothing gets better than a wolf tattoo. Wolves are beautiful creatures that live in packs and they rely on their packs for survival and strength. A wolf tattoo is often associated with family and suggests the power of unity. It is an ink design that encourages you to remember the importance of familial bonds. This animal is also a significant character in various cultures such as the Native Americans.  

10. Bird Tattoo

A lot of people dream about the same freedom that birds enjoy. Birds can go anywhere and fly away from one place to another. These beautiful creatures symbolize independence and freedom, thus, they are popular tattoo design choices for many women. There are many bird species that can be your inspiration for your next inking. Colorful bird species like the canary and goldfinch are associated with happiness, while the eagle is linked with power. 

11. Angel Tattoo  

Angel tattoos are a pretty symbolic ink design that is also quite popular with women. They can be uplifting and inspiring because of what they represent. Angels are associated with good and sacred things. They are often viewed as protectors and messengers from God. They are perfect tattoo ideas for those who wish to honor their faith. On the other hand, they may also serve as a tribute for loved ones who passed away.

12. Semicolon Tattoo

In recent years, the popularity of semicolon tattoos has been noticed among the younger generation. It is something that has a deeply personal meaning to the wearer. It seemed like a secret symbol for people who are suffering from depression and other mental health conditions. A semicolon tattoo serves as a reminder that the story is not yet finished, and life goes on despite the hardships. If you relate with this meaning, consider getting this tattoo on spots that you can easily see like the wrist, finger or hand.

13. Compass Tattoo

A lot of women these days choose the life of explorers and adventurers. If you also have that passion for travel and you want a tattoo that will remind you of your travel goals, a compass tattoo is perfect for you. Back then, this image was popular among sailors and it served as their protection and guidance. Wearing a compass tattoo will also be a reminder for you of your struggles and keep you guided towards your goals.  

14. Clock Tattoo

Time is precious and once you lose it, you cannot get it back. For this reason, clock tattoos are chosen for their representation of the life we have in this world. There are many ways to personalize a clock tattoo and make it more unique. Some would add flowers, birds or initials along with the image. For a darker and Gothic touch, you may opt for some skulls or fire. You can also choose the time indicated on your clock tattoo for a more personal meaning to it.

15. Crown Tattoo

Crowns are primarily linked with royalty, but crown tattoos represent more than just this status. How the crown is designed pays tribute to values including authority, self-control and victory. A Woman who decides to have a crown tattoo is someone who feels that she holds her own destiny, or she is aiming for equality and respect. This tattoo design is also versatile when it comes to placement. They can be done in small or larger intricate designs. 

16. Flower Tattoos

Most women find flower tattoos to be an appealing choice whether for their first ink or when they want something intricate. Flowers can be delicate and meaningful depending on the species and colors that you choose. It is also a versatile choice that you can get anywhere like the wrist, shoulder, behind the ear and others.   

17. Wings Tattoo

Wings represent strength, freedom and beauty. When inked on the skin, wings look ethereal and beautiful. They are also very versatile because you can have them placed on any parts of the body, but the most popular choices are on the back, wrist and shoulder blades. 

18. Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo design choices for both men and women. It is a universal symbol of love and life. Heart tattoos may hold deep meanings for the wearer and it is very versatile. You can have an intricate heart design with other elements like wings, flowers or stars. The color of your ink also changes its meaning, red pertains to love, yellow for happiness and black for grief. 

19. Heartbeat Tattoo

This tiny and often distinctive tattoo design is quite popular for both men and women. It features a line that mimics the heartbeat monitor from the machines. It is a great reminder for you that even on the hardest days, you are still alive.

20. Female Gender Sign Tattoo

There is nothing more effective in celebrating femininity than getting a female gender sign tattoo. Take inspiration from Arianna Grande’s songs and her tiny female sign tattoo on her finger. You can copy this look and wear it proudly to celebrate your female power. 

21. Roman Numerals Tattoo

If you want a really unique ink design that is also very memorable for you, consider getting a Roman Numerals ink for significant dates in your life. These dates can be a memory that you want to cherish forever such as birthdays and anniversaries. Having them inked on your skin deepens the impact and becomes a even more special date to remember. 

22. Lettering Tattoos

Quote and lettering tattoos are a great choice if there is a quote or phrase that keeps you inspired and motivated. It should be something you love and mean a lot to you. Choose a font that looks dainty or delicate for a feminine touch to your ink.

23. Signature Tattoo

Signature tattoos can be a subtle memory of someone you love that has already passed away. You can add other elements to it like a date, stars or flowers. Ideally, you can also use their handwriting to inscribe their signature on you. It is best done simply and placed on spots that hold meaning to you like on the chest, finger or wrist. 

24. Musical Notes Tattoo

For music fanatics, getting the actual notes of your favorite song tattooed is a perfect inspiration for your next inking. It is a beautiful tattoo design that will always remind you of your love for music. Many women consider music as a very important part of their lives, thus getting inked with something related to it is a wonderful ode to music. 

25. Sun Tattoo

The sun is a strong symbol of hope, light and energy. It is a great tattoo design suited for a woman who’s gone through a dark period and came out victorious. There are many variations of the sun tattoo and many people are inspired to get one because of its aesthetic beauty and meaning. For some wearers it can be something ambiguous, but with some personalization it can easily suit their personal taste. 

26. Mandala Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are very intricate and delicate ink designs that may take quite a long while to complete. But once completed, they are exquisitely beautiful, elaborate and meaningful. You can make it more elegant by choosing to have it colored. They work well on any body parts, and they are delicate female tattoo choices to make. 

27. Cross Tattoo

If you want a simple ink design that will showcase your religious background, choose a cross tattoo design. It can be done simply with two intersecting lines or you can have it done intricately with bible verses or flowers wrapped around it.  There are many ways to personalize this design, and it is a meaningful choice if you have a significant relationship with God. 

28. Eye Tattoos

The fundamental concept of eye tattoos is the gift of sight and to be “all-seeing.” But there are various interpretations that come with eye tattoos. For Christians, it could represent God watching over you, or it can also be a symbol of protection and guidance. These tattoo ideas evoke deep meanings depending on other elements that the wearer opt to include in the design. 

29. Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are beautiful designs that are also quite popular choices for women. These are handwoven talismans used by Native American and are thought to protect people against bad dreams and negativity. The design features a web inside a circular pattern and it is adorned with feathers and beads. As tattoos, it works well when incredibly detailed, thus they are perfect for the shoulder, arm, and thigh.

30. Skull Tattoo

For a badass tattoo design, consider getting a skull tattoo. These tattoo ideas are often made intricate and combined with other elements. It can take time to complete with a skilled artist. Skull tattoos are often associated with mortality and death, but there are a range of meanings attached to it as well. You can make it a bit more feminine with vibrant colors and floral design. 

31. Watercolor Tattoo

If you want a more daring and bold tattoo, find a design that will work well with watercolor tattoo technique. This is a relatively new style, but it is gaining a lot of popularity because it looks like a painting rendered on your skin. One of the most popular designs that works well with watercolors are flowers, but other elements also look great with it. Ideally, it should have a black base and solid black lines to keep the design more stable and keep a recognizable shape. There are lots of great watercolor tattoo ideas you can choose from to inspire your own design.

32. Henna Tattoo

Tattoos last forever with you, thus, getting inked should be a decision that you will think seriously about. You should think hard and choose a design that is meaningful to you because tattoos are a lifetime commitment. If you are not ready for it yet, you might want to consider something temporary such as henna tattoos. This traditional body art is popular in countries like Morocco and Egypt. They use plant-based dye in shades of brown, orange, red or blue-black. Henna artists create intricate patterns to suit the occasion like festivals or weddings. 

33. Cute Little Tattoos

Small tattoos might not have the same intricate details compared to larger ones, but they do have the same impact and are often more meaningful to the wearer. A lot of women find cute little tattoos to be more appealing, because they look dainty and adorable. These tattoos are also versatile, allowing you to choose perfect placement. If you want a discreet ink that is lovely to look at, then cute little tattoos are your best bet.

34. Simple Tattoos

One of the quickest tattoo designs to create are simple tattoos. They can be anything from flowers, sun, moon or heart. The artist will focus on the basic outline of these elements and they go without any colors or shadings. Simple tattoos are ideal choices if you want something minimalist but meaningful just the same.

35. Unique Tattoos

Any tattoo design can be made unique depending on how a person wants their ink to appear. A unique tattoo often features an interesting or personal design that they feel deeply about. It can be whatever design you choose, and it is going to be special to you alone. Some unique tattoo designs become instant conversation starters, thus, be sure to choose carefully. 


What are popular tattoos for women?

Tattoos for women follows fashion trends. During the 1980s and 90s, dolphin tattoos were popular among women. At the time, there were not too many women who would like to have tattoos. With the popularity of tattoos among women, popular images have diversified to dragons, butterflies, flowers, crosses and religious themes. Nowadays, the trend is not in terms of images, but in the location of the tattoo or the style of tattoo. Watercolor and simple tattoos are in vogue, but watercolors are expected to wane in the near future, when today’s watercolor inks become blurry or start fading.

Where is a good place for a first tattoo for a woman?

Most first tattoos for women are comparable to a toe dipping in the water. The first tattoo is usually relatively small, and located in a visible spot that the wearer can see and appreciate, like the wrist, arm, ankle and foot.